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The purpose of CTC is to equip men, women, students and athletes by communicating the unique and critical message of character (doing right), integrity (being whole through Christ) and accountability (honestly reporting to one another) into our daily lives.

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Ministry Resources

Ministry resources are available here on the site to help equip you to stand firm (Eph. 6:13). You'll find accountability questions, 100+ character qualities, information to help overcome pornography, links to other resources as well as what others are saying about CTC.

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Thinking about having one of Character That Count's staff speak at your next event? Check out our schedule here to see schedules for Rod Handley, Greg Griffin and others. You can also see where we've been by accessing our schedule archive files.

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Dedicated Life Coaching

Sometimes it helps to have a coach to help you reach goals or overcome struggles. The mission of our Dedicated Life Coaching is to coach healthy Christian men on their journey to an effective and purposeful life. See if Bill Stutz may be the perfect coach to help you live a more purposeful life.

Three books from Character That Counts

Character that Counts offers a wide range of books, accountability cards and merchandise at discounted prices if you order through our website.

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If you call our office (815-525-6339), you can connect with Rod Handley directly or, if you prefer, use the link below to contact us via email or Contact in the navigation bar above to join our mailing list or request a speaking engagement.


What's Happening at Character That Counts

New Character That Counts Web Site!

We are excited to have our new web site online! Be sure to check out the updated schedule, ministry resources, products and gift donations to all the different CTC ministries.

Plus, we can now process credit card orders for your purchases. If you have an order exceeding $100, call our office for quantity discount pricing.

Excellence in Giving

We earned the Excellence in Giving Transparency Certificate by submitting 175 strategy, leadership, financial, and impact data to @NonprofitAnalytics. Review our cost-effectiveness at link below!!

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2024 Event Schedule

Check out where Rod, Dan, Greg, Tim, Bill, Patricia and the rest of the CTC staff is speaking!!

For those who receive our CTC/TGIW Spring Newsletter, it arrived in your mailbox in late March/early April 2022. Look for information on four new books (Team Workouts on Character, Book 1 & 2) plus more updates!! (NOTE: This could be our final edition...details inside of the newsletter).

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Character That Counts YouTube Channel

Check out a brand new YouTube Channel (effective April 1, 2020) with TGIW lessons and notes. As of July 9, there are 403 subscribers.

There are also three special sessions you can view on the YouTube Channel:
1) On February 3, 2022, Rod Handley shares his story with The Fellowship--Seattle Chapter.
2) On February 10, 2022, Sherman Smith shares his story with The Fellowship--Seattle Chapter.
3) On March 16, 2022, Rod Handley & Damion Cooper spoke at the 60th Annual Kansas Prayer Breakfast.

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Sherman & Sharon Smith

Sherman Smith (from "SHOW ME THE FATHER") was back with us for the following events from June 18-21, 2023.

**Preached all 3 services on Father's Day (June 18) at Abundant Life Church in Lee's Summit
Services can be viewed through www.livingproof.co

**Coaches & Athletes Rally on June 19 @ Abundant Life Church in Lee's Summit
This session can be viewed now at www.youtube.com/c/rodhandley

**Men's Cookout on June 19 @ FBC-Blue Springs
This session can be viewed at www.youtube.com/c/rodhandley (no later than June 26)

**TGIW--Lee's Summit on June 20 & 21
This session can be viewed now at www.youtube.com/c/rodhandley

It was a POWERFUL few days with Sherman & Sharon Smith. All sessions will be posted on our YouTube Channel a few days after these events.


Sherman & Sharon Smith were initially with us in Kansas City from September 19-22, 2022. The Smith's story is seen in the movie "SHOW ME THE FATHER." It included the following events and all of them are posted on Rod Handley/TGIW YouTube Channel.
**Monday, September 19 -- Abundant Life Church (Lee's Summit, MO)
**Tuesday, September 20 -- TGIW--Lee's Summit @ Lee's Summit Community Church (Lee's Summit, MO)
**Wednesday, September 21 -- TGIW--Lee's Summit @ The New Stanley Event Space (Lee's Summit, MO)
**Wednesday, September 21 -- FBC-Blue Springs (Independence, MO)
**Thursday, September 22 -- 20th Annual Golf Tournament (Raymore, MO)

DVD copies of "SHOW ME THE FATHER" are available for $20 per copy. If you haven't seen the movie, I urge you to do so. Contact Rod to order your copy today!!

TGIW--Lee's Summit ZOOM Meetings & YouTube Page

Due to COVID-19, we began meeting via ZOOM on March 25, 2020 for TGIW--Lee's Summit. Over 220 ZOOM lessons, plus outline notes, can now be found on our YouTube page. Please go their through the link below and become one of our subscribers.

Lessons posted for CTC Staff Members:
Rod Handley (7 Signs/Miracles July - Dec 2020; MoMENtum--2021; Identity--2022; uncomMEN--2023; FRUIT--2024)
Greg Griffin (2 Peter June 2020 - Mar 2021; Philippians May 2021 - March 2024)
Damion Cooper (7/15/20; 3/21/21; 7/20/21; 8/25/21; 12/1/21; 2/2/22; 3/2/22; 5/18/22; 6/15/22; 9/14/22; 11/9/22; 1/11/23; 3/15/23; 7/19/23; 9/20/23; 11/29/23/ 3/20/24; 5/1/24)
Derek Handley (12/28/22; 7/5/23j; 8/2/23; 8/23/23; 10/18/23; 11/22/23; 1/3/24; 2/7/24; 3/12/24; 4/10/24; 5/15/24; 6/5/24)
Dr. Dan Gerdes (8/5/20; 1/21/21; 4/28/21)
Mark Martinez (8/30/23; 12/13/23; 4/24/24; 6/26/24)
Glen Nash (10/20/21; 3/16/22; 8/17/22; 12/14/22; 9/6/23; 4/17/24)
Bill Stutz (5/19/21; 10/12/22; 11/1/23)
Tim Truesdale (6/24/20)
Dalton Vann (6/30/21)

Other Speakers (in alphabetical order):
Mike Bayly (1/28/21)
Eric Boles (5/6/20)
Ron Brown (4/22/20)
Joe Calhoon (6/3/20; 6/2/21; 11/23/22)
Paul Coffman (12/30/21; 12/27/23)
Bill Corum (10/19/22)
Mark Denison (6/1/22)
Dustin Doll (11/11/20)
Brian Doyle (Feb 2023; 1/10/24)
Charles Graham (8/26/20)
Jake Handley (12/29/21)
Bill Hildebrand (2/17/21; 5/5/21; 4/20/22; 11/16/22; 5/31/23)
Evan Lange (9/16/20; 3/10/21; 2/16/22; 4/5/23)
Ryan Lefebvre (12/7/22)
Elliot Johnson (9/13/23)
Jeff Kemp (5/13/20)
Scotty Kessler (5/27/20)
Jon Kitna (5/13/20)
Todd Long (1/18/23)
Don Manning (11/8/23)
Dan Meers (12/22/21)
Brian Phillips (7/14/21)
Jim Ramos (9/29/21)
Darrell Robinson (5/3/23; 2/14/24)
Tass Saada (10/7/20; 11/4/20)
Byron Shepherd (7/28/21; 6/29/22; 5/17/23)
Sherman Smith (9/21/22; 6/21/23)
Lance Spencer (9/1/21)
Scott Stanger (8/12/20; 12/23/20; 2/24/21; 6/23/21; 1/19/22; 8/24/22; 12/21/22; 3/8/23; 10/11/23)
Cory Stout (4/27/22; 7/13/22; 2/8/23)
Scar Sullivan (5/24/23; 3/6/24)
Mike Sweeney (5/20/20)
Team Jesus (7/29/20; 10/28/20; 3/3/21; 10/27/21; 1/26/22; 7/21/22)
Trace Thurlby (4/15/20; 8/4/21; 3/23/22; 4/12/23)
Terry Towles (6/9/21)
Clay Withers (12/2/20; 4/14/21; 11/17/21; 3/30/22; 9/26/22; 6/7/23; 1/24/24)

View Lee's Summit YouTube Page

TGIW/CTC/PMM 22nd Annual Golf Tournament - September 30, 2024

2024 Special Speaker: Mark Martinez
Ironhorse Golf Club; Leawood, KS
Registration: 7:15 a.m.; Breakfast Burrito's & TGIW Devotional 7:45 a.m.; Shotgun Start 9:00 a.m.
Lunch catered by Chick-fil-A

We had 103 golfers and 28 sponsors for 2023 tournament:
*Chris Bell Insurance - Chris Bell (GOLD) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Triune Financial Partners - Jeff Jaworski & Partners (GOLD) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Moyer & Descombes - BJ Moyer (SILVER) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Orthosport Rehabilitation - Scott Ridings (SILVER) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Stinson - William Hanna (SILVER)
*United Heating & Cooling - Mark McWilliams (SILVER) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Compass Wealth Management - Jim Warren (BRONZE)
*Fender Family Dentistry - Dr. Roger Fender (BRONZE)
*Kintzele Custom Homes - Marshall Kintzele (BRONZE) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Martin Mechanical Contractors - Jim & Seth Rogers (BRONZE)
*Raymond James Financial Services - Steve Heggs (BRONZE)
*Reed Automotive Group - Randy Reed Family (BRONZE)
*Stewardship Capital - Ron Finke (BRONZE)
*Tom & Kari Lipscomb (BRONZE) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Advocare - Cynthia Olson (HOLE)
*Beyond Wealth Advisors - Dennis Bacon (HOLE)
*BT Financial - Zeke Bucci-Torres (HOLE)
*Boundless - Kevin Quinn (HOLE)
*Chick-fil-A - Lance Spencer (HOLE) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Community Lending of America - Jeremy Marks (HOLE)
*Derek's Automotive Service - Derek & Austin Sanders (HOLE)
*Foster Marketing Group - Stephen White (HOLE) - Confirmed also for 2024
*God's Bucket Brigade - John Higginbotham (HOLE) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Jim Hubbard Insurance - Jim Hubbard (HOLE) - Confirmed also for 2024
*Metcalf Auto Plaza - Don Collins (HOLE)
*Schnick Construction, Inc. - Ron Schnick (HOLE)
*Friends of the Ministry (2 Anonymous Givers)

2022 Special Speaker: Sherman Smith (SHOW ME THE FATHER), former NFL player & coach
Award winning chicken wings at the turn cooked on-site by Beyond Wealth Advisors
We had 106 golfers and 25 sponsors.

In 2021, we had 96 golfers and 27 sponsors with Damion Cooper as our special speaker.