What People Are Saying About "Character That Counts"


"The Character That Counts (CTC) ministry holds a special place in my heart because of the impact it has had on my spiritual journey. The CTC concept of accountability has been a tool God has used to shape and influence my life. It has also had an impact on my teammates and opponents throughout major league baseball. God's hand of blessing is upon this ministry because of it's foundation: Jesus Christ. Lord, thank you for CTC!!"

Mike Sweeney, Kansas City Royals First Baseman

"Rod has an incredible gift for understanding and communicating the issues of character and integrity. The greatest part of his ministry is that he is everything that he speaks about. Rod lives a life that shows Character Counts for everything. I count it a privilege to have him as a brother."

Chuck Stecker, President, A Chosen Generation

"Thanks so much for coming and speaking to our team (Ottawa University Football Team). God has definitely blessed you with a gift. I admire how you are using it, and the risk you've taken in starting CTC."

Neal Neathery, Assistant Coach, Ottawa University Football

"Your character and integrity really shine through your speaking. It was a privilege to have you here at Covenant Pines. I hope to implement accountability groups with our summer staff this year. Our prayers will be with you as you continue your ministry. Thank you!!"

Scott Ringer, Program Director, Covenant Pines Bible Camp

Rod: Thanks for making an impact in my life. I met you when I attended the Christian Leadership Alliance conference in April 2008 in Dallas. I purchased a number of books and got the laminated wallet sized card with the 10 Character That Counts questions. Upon my return home, I entered into an accountability relationship with a local pastor and it has made all the difference for both of us. We are truly iron sharpening iron.rnrnThe timing could not have been better. I was soon fired from my job because I would not compromise my integrity. My world was turned upside down, but because of the accountability program outlined with the cards I was sustained. When it would have been so easy to blame God, I was able to focus on my family and learn where God was leading me next. I cannot say that the days were easy. I worked through the grief and loss, came through depression and discouragement to see God provide another position through His providence and learn to depend on others in a way I hand never even knew existed before. God's word sustained me and the principles you spoke of in that seminar in Dallas made all the difference in this trial. I am better for you ministry today. May God bless you richly as you continue to promote the biblical truth that accountability works. I am sorry that I will not be at the Atlanta conference (this was held in April 2009), but I know there are others who desperately need to hear your biblically based message.


Rod: After your talk I went to my hotel room and called my younger brother. I told him, "We need to be accountable to each other." When I arrived home I mailed my brother the materials from the conference including the tapes, the book and your speaker notes. I asked him to really open his heart to your teaching. Since May 2003 we've been talking at 5:30 a.m. over the phone each week going through areas of sin, areas where we want to grow and developing our personal mission statements. We've shared blind spots and help hold each other accountable for specific areas our life. We close our meetings with prayer. Through these times I recently discovered that my brother committed his life to Christ in June 2003. When I came to your conference in May I was the banana that got picked from the bunch. I came alone to the retreat hoping to really focus on growth, prayer, reflection and goal setting. Rod, your conference is exactly what I needed. I'm committed to your teaching for a lifetime. I've applied your teaching through reading and re-reading parts of your book to my life for the past four months and it has had astounding effects on my walk with Christ, and thus my relationships with people. I learned in May that I also needed a local accountability group. Four of us now meet at 6:30 am on Mondays. We read a Psalm on the front porch, then go on a 45-minute walk while going through our questions, and then finish in prayer on the front porch. This is a high priority in each of our lives, and integral to our lives. My wife and I picked four accountability questions from your website. This has brought us much closer together, and is allowing us to work together more, and trust in each other more. My wife shared with me that the greatest time of growth she's seen in my life has been over the past four months. I'm convinced through what I've learned over the last four months that there are many guys out there like me that sincerely love Christ, and sincerely want to change, and grow in righteousness, but don't have all the tools that could catapult their efforts. I believe hard work, discipline, good motivation are not a guarantee to the best results, and that we need effort combined with Biblical wisdom. The Biblical wisdom I'm talking about is found in finding guys who care for us, who encourage us, who rebuke us, who ask us the tough questions, who listen, who pray for us. Let's finish strong for Him! [edited down from a 3-page letter]


Rod: Through close accountability, God has purged out things in my life I never knew that existed (some I knew but tried to ignore). Being accountable to others with straight forward questions has not been a burden but has set me free in Christ. Your 10 accountability questions revealed the following: Question #1 has brought me closer to God. It has taught me to listen to God he wants to speak to us. This will be done daily and first thing in the morning. Question #2 has been one I have tried to convince myself that I don't have a problem with. However, I am of the male gender and Satan uses this one on me daily. Through God's grace and the ability to look the other way I can get through it. Question #7 hit me between the eyes. As mentioned before, I am involved with a business that requires me to talk to a lot of new people each week. What have I done to talk to others about Christ? Why should God bless my business when I have not paid attention to his eternal business with others? I pray that God puts people in front of me on a daily basis and gives me the discernment to know how and what to talk to them about. We have been struggling financially and concerned about the future.Through his word, God revealed to me his promise in Matthew 6: 25-34 with the key verse being verse 33. I now have a job that I will be starting this next Monday. Praise God! Rod, I am excited about what God has in store for us as an accountability group. I ask that you pray for us as we seek God's will on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing God to work this ministry through you. In my Character Counts book you wrote the scripture verse of Jeremiah 29:11-13. How true it is!

A recent retreat attendee

Rod: I just wanted everyone to know what a tremendous week we had with you in Jacksonville, FL. Your ministry is awesome and the powerful illustrations really drive home the message you convey. I have had many people say to me, "When can we get Rod back?" It was evident to me that you were touched by the overwhelming support you got from the various venues we had set up for you. I have always been convinced that God's hand is on your ministry. This visit just proves it. We had a variety of audiences, which presented a challenge for you as a messenger. You were very flexible & kept the topic timly and on point. Finally, it was an honor to spend the time with you and I think we were a blessing to you as you were to us.


Rod: Thank you so much for allowing God to work through you in such a powerful way last weekend. We have been overwhelmed by the positive feed back offered from the men in attendance at the retreat, as well as those who heard you speak at church. Your God given gift of oration is superlative. Your ability to communicate at the level of man's heart is unmatched. But, most importantly, God has blessed you with unparallel insight into His word. Many mature Christian men have approached us and have told us that you exposed truths that they had not yet discovered. That you unlocked for them new meaning to verses that they had already committed to memory. Did you notice, that these mighty men of God possessed the enthusiasm of children as the eagerly listened to God's message presented through you? Press on Rod! Continue to attack life with the overwhelming gifts supplied to you from the Father. And finally, know that in your wake men are gathering to study your materials and are earnestly seeking to possess "Character That Counts." It was great watching the men swarm your materials table. I could make no better investment than into the spiritual growth of the men that I share the banana tree with!!!! As you pointed out - "safety is found in the bunch."


Rod, I have been a Christian for over 25 years. Like many I knew I was a Christian, but went through the motions without taking it seriously and making it the NUMBER ONE priority everyday in my life. Recently I realized that God wants us to lean on him for EVERYTHING, not just when we're in a pinch. As I have been going through this journey I had the opportunity to attend a talk you gave about character and accountability. Your talk had such an impact on me that I immediately called two of my Christian "real friends", and told them about your talk, your book, and asked them if they would like to start an accountability group with me. This is so rare when men actually do something like this. They said yes, and we now meet once a week. It was like we were all waiting for something like this to happen, but did not know how to go about it. Proverbs is filled with verses about accountability to each other. I've read it over and over and didn't see it until your talk. Thanks so much for giving me something that is so important to a Christian. I will never not be in an accountabilty group for the rest of my life. Thanks and God Bless.


"Rod: What should really encourage you is that Kevin and I meet every Thursday for 60 to 90 minutes with 8 high school male student-athletes in a Christian Character/Accountability type small group. During the past school year we used CHARACTER COUNTS FOR ATHLETES, Vol. 1 and the young guys (as well as this 53 year-old guy) found it very, very beneficial to our spiritual growth and as a small group study tool. When we found out that you had just released Volume 2, I could not hold back my joy and enthusiasm. These young guys want to continue to meet during the summer, and this past Thursday we began using Volume 2 as we discussed the importance of discipline. Rod, thanks again for your ministry and your committment to Jesus Christ. I am very much utilizing your materials with those people within my sphere of influence, and I look forward to continuing to do so. Please stay in touch, for I do not want to miss anything that comes out of your ministry. Always remember that God first wants our ATTENTION ..... then our AVAILABILITY. Thanks so much for being ATTENTIVE and AVAILABLE!"

Doug, Team Chaplain for Bradley University

"Rod: Thanks so much for allowing the Lord to use you in such a wonderful at the CSRM conference. It was the most challenging and helpful chapel sessions of the three CSRM conferences that I have attended. Rod, God has given you some very special insight into this most critical area. As part of my ministry I work with dozens (at least) of high school and college coaches who impacting young athletes every day. As road rage moves to our fields, courts and other athletic playing areas I am witnessing what I call "Sport Rage" and it is coming from every direction - parents, coaches, administrators, spectators and athletes. In my opinion this behavior is simply an outward expression of the many struggles that are taking place within the hearts of otherwise caring people. It appears that Character and integrity are not high enough priorities in our present athletic culture. I will more vigorously share your materials with these dear people. Thanks again for allowing the Lord to make you such a blessing to all of us."


"I am thrilled to have discovered Rod's book when I attended a Christian Mgmt. Association seminar a couple years ago. It took time to find an accountability partner, but one woman and I began praying about it and have met weekly since March 11, 2001. Recently we invited two more women to join us, and it's been a tremendous blessing. It's made a great impact in my life."


Hey Rod: "It was such a thrill for us to get to spend a few days with you & Janna & the kids. What a crew! But especially Rod, we really appreciate the way you have allowed the Lord to use you to speak to our generation about the importance of Godly character & integrity. We feel such a kinship with you as we, thru music & humor, encourage folks to "not get weary in WELL-doing." The battle is really heating up, & we thank God that you're out there on the front lines. Let's do it again real soon!"

Paul Land & Ray Hildebrand

"Rod...where do I start? First of all I want to thank you for speaking at our College Weekend. It was a powerful, yet challenging time. I cannot express in words how God used that weekend. I see individuals striving to make changes in their lives, wanting to be people of character. I can say that up to this point my two goals from the weekend have been at work everyday. I'm striving to be consistent (persistently consistent) and for my prayer time to increase. Both have been at work. Also, I worked up a mission statement: LIVE JOY! Simple, to the point and challenging. Thank you Rod!!"


"Hi! My name is Jennifer and I was at the FCA weekend. I had such a great time there being able to get away from everything else in the world and spend time with other Christians and focus on God. I really enjoyed listening to you speak. Thank you so much for using your gifts from God to help others seek theirs. That weekend really helped me put things in my life into perspective. In fact, two other girls that were there that weekend and I got together and started our own accountability group. So far it's going really well and I know that for me it has made a major impact in my life. I didn't know much about accountability groups before and when I heard about it, I didn't think it was for me, but now that I'm in one, I realize how important it is and don't know how I went without it for so many years."


"Rod Handley's book absolutely rocks. My accountability partner and I go through the questions on a regular basis. Both of us were able to hear Rod speak and we both were challenged to go deeper with each other. God is doing so much through Rod and I'm so grateful that he is doing this. It is an awesome ministry and I'm so glad I made the choice to have an accountabiltiy partner."


"Just wanted to thank you for your messages this past weekend at our campus ministry retreat. Character and accountability are such an important part of our everday lives as Christians and to have a weekend devoted just to them was awesome. I have heard nothing but good things from our students, and many of them are talking about developing their own accountability groups. I also enjoyed talking to you over the weekend and getting to know you and your ministry. I hope you know that God is using you to do great things through your ministry. Keep up the great work! You are in my prayers."

John Giles

"Thank you so much for your willingness to shre your passion with so many people through your books and your speaking. We have been blessed to have you remind us of God's plan for success....relational accountability. Thank you for being around here at Grace Community Church for a couple of days."

Bryan Tema

"Rod, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to be with us this past weekend (in Lynchburg, VA). You were both a blessing and an encouragement. Please remember me in your prayers and I'll do the same for you."


"Rod, I was so pleased with how you led our time on Friday evening at the Cornerstone Men's Retreat. It's just what the Doctor ordered. Thank you for your ministry and your investment in the work here. God's blessings."


"It really is amazing how God works. During the last month I have thought of you and your ministry quite often, especially since I have decided to add the much needed element of accountability to my life. Rod, I have lived a lie for too long and no longer want to attempt to work through my struggles alone any longer. God has provided two wonderful guys who have an incredible way of holding me accountable to the things I say I value. Thanks to this accountability group I am enjoying a level of congruency that I have never experienced before in all my years as a Christian. They bring a light to the hidden parts of my life that further leads to incredible fellowship in God's son and spirit. Thanks for being such a strong and faithful advocate of this much needed ministry. I will continue to pray that God sustain you and your family as you continue to move in this much needed area of ministry."

A current pastor

"Five of us wanted to begin a group to hold each other accountable to lead a godly life. Since we didn't have any framework to begin with, we were lead to your book, "Character Counts: Who's Counting Yours?" We have been together for close to a year and your book has provided us an excellent resource to continue our journey. One of the things we have begun to do is to select an organization or individual to pray for each month and take up a voluntary offering dedicated to them. We each pray individually and as a group for your ministry. In addition to the power you receive from our prayers we also would like to present you the enclosed cashier's check to use in your ministry, however you see fit. May God be with you as you continue to lead men to Christ."

Mike, Dan, Dick, Chris and Mike

"I just have to stop and praise the Holy Spirit for working through the CTC conference in Lee's Summit. During our small group break-outs, we were able to connect with a number of men who need the type of small group accountability and prayer support that we began during the conference. Seeds have been sewn for lifelong brotherhood. Praise the Lord!"

Mike Smalley

"What a great weekend. I had to stop now and take the time to thank you for your hard work over the past couple of days (and the weeks of preparation). God is truly using you to minister on character and acccountability. The world usually uses accountability in a negative way (catching someone after the fact and holding them responsible). You are providing a proactive, positive tool to help us take advantage of the blessings God has ready for us. Although the entire program was great, my highlight this weekend was Darrells' (Porter) testimony. The impact of Jerry (Terrell) ministering to Darrell in his time of need summarized the entire weekend."

Keith, Prov. 27:17

What an awesome job this weekend. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Next time, I'll have twenty guys from my church attend. As for my future plans, I've got to go find me some accountability partners!!! Thanks again pal.


"Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put toward the conference last week. IT WAS AWESOME!! And our God is an awesome God! As you know, I've been doing a lot of small things to strengthen my personal relationship with GOD like our newly formed accountability group, small group bible study, Bott radio network, and devotions. Yet, it wasn't until your conference that I was able to conceptually put it all together. I am so blessed to have read your book and giving me the framework to put our accountability group into action. My accountability group has really taken my personal relationship with God to the next level. As I shared with you last weekend, one of the major sins I was wallowing in was my thought life. This is the first time (this past month) that I have felt remotely good about where I let my thoughts go. The accountability of sharing this sin with godly men each week, if I failed, has kept me true to God's word. Realizing a lustful thought life is NOT normal for a godly man has brought a huge spiritual awakening to me. Thank you. And thank you from my wife and our children who I did not realize I was hurting.


"Thanks for the seminar last weekend. It was a spiritual up lift. A brother in Christ was there that I had not seen in about ten years. When we parted it was not on the best of terms. It was great to be able to speak and settle things. We left with him giving me an invite to his place of worship. The meeting was well thought out and moved along with great continuity. If everyone got half the blessing that I did then they walked away well blessed."


"I want you to know how much I appreciate you and your ministry. God has used CTC to change my life in such an awesome way. After so many years of struggling and yielding to all forms of temptations, I am for the first time in my life living a life that I believe is pleasing to God. As you may remember, my wife and I began attending your church in Sept. 1999. I came from a church that was very legalistic. I had been playing church for so many years...I had Churchianity, not Christianity. Within the first few weeks, I attended the men's breakfast and you were the speaker. That day I was challenged with your message of purity, integrity and character and I turned my life over to Christ, giving Him my all. I wanted so desperately to leave a legacy for my children. For the first time I realized that Christ could change me and make me a new person. I could begin living a pure life. God has taken away my guilt and shame and has given me peace and joy that I can't describe. My wife and children love their father/husband so much more. God has brought me so far in the past 18 months since I first heard your message. Thank you for the encouragement and advice you've given me. You've helped me tremendously."


"I just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you and Janna very much for being a large part of our Valentine's banquet. Your talk was entertaining and insightful and very good. I personally enjoyed the time getting to know you and Janna, as did Stacie. We have received many compliments on the banquet and your talk. We really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I also want to thank you very much for your part in the men's rally on Saturday. You hit a homerun on the topic as well as the content of your talk. Accountability has been our #1 theme for our men's ministry effort this and last year. The information you shared was great and much needed. I have also received a number of compliments specically on your talk. I really enjoyed reading your book, and it looked like a number of the men there purchased it as well. I look forward to using it and the study guide in our accontability groups. I hope that you were rewarded financially for the time you spent. Even if you have not been yet, I think the rewards will come as we spread the word about your ministry. I look forward to working more with you and Chararter That Counts."


"I had the pleasure of attending the Men's Conference last Saturday night and hearing Rod Handley. I tell you, it must have been God's perfect timing. About two months ago God led my accountability brother and I start a group. I have been praying for some direction and guidance in the group and I believe the tools that Rod gave us were the answer. Several us in the the group have been affected by separation or divorce. I myself, am believing for restoration of my marriage and the covenant accountability with my group has made all the difference in my Christian walk since my divorce. It is such an incredible blessing to have a brother in Christ to be able to share my weaknesses and confess my sins in a confidential and nonjudgmental environment and also to have that strength of encouragement and prayer. Thank you for your support of men's groups and for bringing these resources to us."

An anonymous attendee

"On behalf of the Missouri ChurchMen I want to again say THANKS for the great weekend we had at our Fall Retreat at Lake of the Ozarks. Your messages on integrity and our accountability to other men and to God are still being discussed and several men are planning on establishing accountability groups similar to yours in Kansas City. It is apparent that God is working through you and your ministry. God bless you and your work."

Mike Nash, Chairman, Missouri ChurchMen

"It's with great pleasure that we support CTC. We can't begin to express how much each of you mean to us. We are so excited to see God's hand at work in this new ministry. Our prayers are always with you. Thanks for being a tremendous support in our lives."

An anonymous donor

"Thanks Rod for coming to speak at our FCA huddle meeting. The issue of honesty and integrity for high school people and athletes is always very relevant. You did a great job."

Lee\'s Summit High School FCA

Four of the five men from our Couples Study meet on a regular basis on Tuesday mornings. We are reading Character Counts and using the Bible Study Guide. When we study other books, we have used the Men's Accountability Questions and they have been a great impact on all of us in our daily walk with the Lord. The book relates personably and has great illustrations and references, including character qualities to follow. This book and these accountability questions flash up in times of temptation. We will be praying for your ministry! God bless and God speed!

Jeff Dalbey, Kansas City, MO

What a blessing an an honor to have you speak at our Men's Retreat this past weekend (in Minnesota). The material you have equipped our men with will be invaluable as each of them strives to be more like Christ each day. I believe with all of my heart in your ministry and the impact you can and will have in lives. You have been given great gifts from our heavenly Father and it is an awesome sight to see you first hand using your gifts.

Steve Mogensen, Plymouth, MN

Rod, I just wanted to send you a quick "Thank You" for writing your book on accountability. I've been a part of an accountability group now for about five months, and it has been a great time in helping to strengthen my character. God has done some wonderful things in my life over the past few years, one of those being connecting me to three accountability partners. I remember when I first got your book several years ago. It sat on my shelf for at least a year before I ever read it. Sorry!! After finally reading it, I felt strongly challenged to find an accountability group. As of today, I'm seeing growth in what used to be private, shameful areas. I feel God's refining fire burning within me more today than ever before, and I wanted you to know you played a special role in this. Thank you again for your insightful and encouraging words. God Bless You and Your Family.


We have a group of six guys meeting Friday mornings at 6:00 am for almost two years. We've been memorizing Scripture, along with accountability and prayer. It's going well. Thanks for your ministry and encouragement.

Brent, Liberty, MO

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