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Picture of Frank Armato

Frank Armato

Frank Armato was nominated as Kansas City's Top Entrepreneur and Small Business of the Year, Frank is an executive, entrepreneur, coach who contributes within the disciples of strategic leadership, personal and professional development, and cultural excellence. He serves as a 1:1 Executive coach, to leading organization-wide strategic initiatives with Major League Baseball, United States Tennis Association, General Motors, the YMCA, and The Salvation Army. Frank has also been intricately engaged within the Pharmaceutical and Health care space by creating successful brand launches, EMR strategic initiatives, and procuring strategic alliances. Dr. Armato's greatest passion is helping others reach their God-given potential through training, coaching, and application. Frank currently serves as an elder and Board member, a Small Group leader, and Spiritual Gifts teacher at Tiffany Fellowship Church. He also serves as a Life Coach for our troops who are beginning their transition from the military to the Corporate world. He leads the Northland TGIW and is honored to serve on a couple civic Boards in Kansas City.

Frank, his wife Nikki, and children; Anna, Ava, Ella, and Phillip reside in the Northland of Kansas City.

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“The Discipline of Consistency in a World of Compromise” by Frank Armato
The 10 Pillars of Consistent-Centric Leadership

We are living in a world of compromise all around us. Consistency is a key discipline which touches each facet of our lives personally and professionally.

This book launches a leadership style called Consistent-Centric Leadership and introduces 10 pillars of a Consistent-Centric Leader. It provides ‘best practice’ insight to how to reach your full God-given potential as a leader at home, work, school, church, and on the field and court.

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