Bill Stutz, Certified Life Coach


It is understood that both parties will be in full cooperation with each other in regards to the agreed upon coaching objectives. Neither party will withhold important information, which would benefit the coaching process, nor will either party act in any manner which would interfere with facilitation of the coaching goals in a timely manner.


Coaching fees are based on service provided. I will meet and have follow-up sessions until you feel that you have accomplished your personal and/or professional goals. The fee schedule is listed below and is a month-to-month agreement. There is no retainer or long-term contact. Emails and text messages are always available between coaching sessions. 24-hour notice is required for cancellation of a session and will not incur a fee. Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and all “No-Shows” will be billed as normal. We will talk during your scheduled session typically by phone. If you feel a face-to-face meeting is necessary to enhance your performance, we will plan to meet in person. There may be some travel expenses associated with a face to face meeting and they will be discussed prior to that particular session. If a “meal time” meeting is requested by the client they will have the responsibility to cover all expenses. Helping you achieve greater success is always our primary objective and I will be available to meet as necessary, based on my schedule.

Circle and initial the appropriate option. This will stay the monthly plan until the client chooses to change it.

30 Minute Sessions per Month
1 = $40
2 = $75
4 = $140

60 Minute Sessions per Month
1 = $75
2 = $140
4 = $250

A monthly statement will be sent or hand delivered to the client with a 10 day due notice.


Confidentiality and protection of intellectual property is mutually agreed to be protected by this contract of agreement. Both parties agree that all data, information and work completed during the course of life coaching will remain confidential. No information or materials will be shared with outside sources or other people regarding the work of either party, except with express written permission of both parties.

Modifications & Evaluations

Either party may suggest modifications to this agreement at anytime it becomes apparent that modifications need to be evaluated. The coach agrees to advise and influence ideas and actions; however the client is always the final decision maker in the coaching process.




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