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Ken Howard

E-mail address : ken@agapemarketing.com
For the last two years Ken worked for Dr. Ken Canfield as the Seminar Director for National Center for Fathering as the Seminar Director.  That position led him to his current position with Frank Armato at AGAPE Marketing and Entertainment where Ken help manage accounts and sets up corporate events for their clients. Ken teaches at the City Union Mission on a monthly basis and continues to teach at camps during the summer.  Ken's passion is for inspiring and equipping people to make healthy choices. He's spoken to over 15,000 youths in the last three years and continues to mentor kids on how best to overcome fear and really make free choices. Drawing on his experience as a combat medic for 11 years and his work as a dive officer, Ken has a compelling story. After 30 years of running from God, Jesus met him at the lowest time of his life and welcomed him into God's family. Ken is a dynamic communicator of truth to people of all ages.
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